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We offer services in both English and Finnish. Jos haluat lisätietoja palveluistamme suomeksi, ota yhteyttä!

Deep focus session, starting at €65

Whether you’re terrified by the latest IPCC reports or simply want your company to be a force for good in the world, you might struggle with how your company can take action. We get it, and we’re here to help. Together in a personal deep focus session, we’ll dive into one challenge your company is dealing with around sustainability and impact. 

This could look like:

  • getting a second opinion on your business model

  • digging into specific sustainability pitfalls to avoid

  • brainstorming how to communicate your sustainability values effectively

  • getting ideas about how to make a positive impact through recruiting or operations

  • commiserating with us about the challenge of dealing with the world’s wicked problems (we’re not therapists, but we’ve been known to provide some excellent sustainability therapy)

Or whatever else is on your mind. It’s your show! 

Before the session, you’ll fill in a 2-minute form so we can get an understanding of your challenges. We want to make sure to jump straight into the deep stuff!

Available remotely and in-person in Helsinki

Sustainability messaging review, starting at €185

If you’re already walking the walk, are you sure you’re effectively talking the talk? It’s easy to slip into impact jargon (even the word “sustainability”...what are you really trying to say?). You also need to build trust with your customers so they know you’re not just greenwashing.

You’ll get a detailed review of your website, sales deck, and other sales tool along with concrete recommendations on how to make your offering more sustainable and next steps to develop your message. All focused on developing a powerful, succinct message that’s backed up by something legit, not greenwashed.

We have extensive experience translating jargon-y research into real-person speak, and a deep understanding of what is truly sustainable.

Available remotely

Workshop, starting at €245

Workshops are our most popular offering. We believe in learning by doing, so all of our workshops combine compact lectures with hands-on exercises. Your team will come away with a new understanding of how to think about sustainability and impact in your company. To top it off, you’ll get to work together in a team-building activity that hits the sweet spot between productivity and fun . 

You can choose from one of our prepackaged workshops below, or contact us to customize to your unique challenges:

1. Sustainability 101: Get the basics down and understand what sustainability means in today’s business environment. Get answers to questions like “What is sustainability?”, “Why is this important to us?” and “Where to start for a more sustainable business?”.  

2. Sustainability in Startups: Embedding sustainability into the foundation of your business right from the start is the best way to make sure your profit is aligned with positive impact. This workshop dives deeper into what sustainability means for startups, identifying your most important impact areas, and you’ll walk away with the first key to-do’s for starting your sustainability journey. 

3. System Mapping for Teams: The bigger the crowd, the harder it is to see how your actions impact the whole. System mapping is a method for uncovering the parts of your ecosystem that might be hidden in the day-to-day grind. This workshop leads you through a deep dive into how your team or a specific product or service fits into the larger organization and its sustainability goals, helping you identify how to maximize your team’s impact. This is a great option when starting new initiatives, or when looking to create deeper meaning in a team’s work.

Available in Finland, customized remote webinars available by request

Innovation sprint, pricing available upon request

Ready to move from training to concrete idea generation? Using methods from design thinking and systems thinking, we will take your team through a series of activities to generate fresh ideas for how your company can act on its sustainability values. This can be done either in a one-time sprint or in a multi-day progressive sprint.  

On-site support or customized offerings, pricing available upon request

Have something more specific in mind? Let’s chat!